The Cookery x Boring

The most complete compact kitchen island

The Cookery is the kitchen that fits: in your home, but also with your taste and your needs. That’s in details like the slightly higher countertop, but also in the standard luxury options and the space to cook together.

And all that packed into a small and compact island, designed to hold at least as much storage as a standard kitchen and never get in each other’s way.

Most people who buy a (smaller) newly built house experience the choice of kitchen as annoying: The standard is not good enough, adaptations are very expensive and when you drop the standard you get almost nothing in return. For the developer and contractor, it’s actually not much better. They are confronted with many different choices and adjustments which in turn lead to failure costs.

With ‘The Cookery we solve this problem for everyone, the buyer gets a high-end designer kitchen with all the trimmings and has limited choice to adapt it to their taste. The contractor has the same kitchen with the same connections in every home or delivers the shell. And the developer, due to the high market value of The Cookery, can market the home higher while benefiting from low purchasing.

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