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This story is not about a chair. It’s not about a four-legged table, a tall closet, and a small closet either. This story is about being boring.

Over the years, our offices have changed drastically. We no longer settle for the bitter stale coffee from the machine, but we order our lattes in the fancy coffee corner. Even though the atmosphere of our workplace has undergone a great deal of change; the desks and chairs that fill our offices remain unaltered. A change is needed.

This is why Boring Collection was born. A collection of office furniture available solely in grey. Boring allows work to be done more efficiently and the truly important people and attributes to stand out.

Boring Collection is looking for distributors keen on helping the world become more boring. By adding the boring collection to your list of products, you will be able to offer something truly unique to your clients. Think you’re up for the challenge? We would love to meet with you. Fill in the form below. We will reply soon. So you can feel bored too.