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Boring L&S L5

A series of spectacularly inconspicuous furniture; its discreet elegance allows it to be present in any space without distracting from the things that actually matter.

The traditional 9 to 5 office no longer exists, and it’s time to let the furniture catch up. Whether at home, or on the 28th floor of a skyscraper, our workplace deserves affordable, practical solutions that also manage to let the surroundings shine. This simple line of thought is what made Beyond Space, the architects of the Boring Collection, decide to shift the focus away from the furniture and onto other more important things. A small shift, resulting in a process where they redefined office furniture and designed a collection that refuses to take any attention.

In the end, a person still has to sit. The basic elements were at hand; the task was to choose between already existing, certified components. By taking worldwide standards into consideration while trying to minimize their impact, Beyond Space assembled a line of archetypal furniture: an entire collection shaded in a muted grey tone that gives the designs the unique ability to completely blend in with its surroundings. The tagline: It’s not about furniture. It’s time to put everything else front and center: your interior, the view, that other great chair, your pictures on the wall, and most importantly the people you care about.

What really stands out about the Boring Collection is how the designs manage to be anything but outstanding. Their true virtue and potential become apparent when the different products are arranged in a group and multiplied: allowing our workplaces to instead turn into a space that does not distract from what needs to get done. From nine till five, that is 🙂 . After clocking out, the collection simply fades into the background, allowing you to shift your focus onto the finer things in life. And on that note…

Now that this story has come to an end, what are you going to do as you click away? Whether it’s having a beer with your colleague, building a new train set with the kids, or finally inviting mom and dad over for a family dinner—take the time to shift your focus. Every morning at 9am, the Boring Collection reappears, waiting for you to start your day.