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Boring Mobile

The third incarnation of office-inspired boredom rituals takes the shape of a monumental mobile.

Harking back to Alexander Calder, who revolutionized art with his moving sculptures, this kinetic installation is made up of a total of 42 perfectly balanced Boring clocks. Spanning six meters across, the gentle giant spins counterclockwise, as if to turn back time, to a hypnotic soundtrack of soothing office sounds.
After over a year of lockdowns and restrictions, we’re ready to repopulate the office. Boring welcomes back the office worker and invites them to reclaim that elastic time that happens when the clock ticks away the working day, when a second stretches into eternity.
Under the entrancing trail of the Boring Mobile, the visitor sinks back into a bean bag to give themselves over to a lullaby of office sounds: the ring of a phone, a computer starting up, the faraway screech of a fax machine, the rustling papers, a drawn-out yawn sounding off somewhere in the background. It is here, in that empty space where time disappears, that the magic happens: after all, boredom breeds creativity.




The Boring Mobile soundtrack is by Coen Berrier. The clocks, the building blocks of the installation, were kindly donated by Lensvelt, with whom we collaborate on the Boring Office Furniture. The beanbags were created especially for the occasion by high-end interior design office Siersema. Tom Lugtmeijer joined forces for the build of the installation.