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Milan Design Award

Boring furniture, in collaboration with Lensvelt was awarded the Milano Design Award 2016 for best concept.

April 2016, during the Salone del Mobile a new series of Boring office furniture was presented. The furniture was the result of a collaboration between Lensvelt, Space Encounter and Beyond Space.

Boring Office furniture was conceived and developed out of dissatisfaction with the appearance of contemporary project furniture. The looks of affordable office furniture are pretty much dictated by legislation and therefore often detonate with the rest of the interior and surroundings.

An attempt to create more aesthetically pleasing furniture was not an option. It would either become unaffordable or lead to impossible compromises; the focus needed to shift away from the furniture and onto other things.

Boring furniture does not pretend to be more beautiful, in fact it does not claim any attention. To the last detail, the furniture is a modest soft grey, and all shapes are archetypical, straightforward and discrete, with only one goal: to draw the eye to the things that acutally matter. Because it’s not about the furniture.


Milan Award
Milan Award
Milan Award